Good Yoga Mission and Purpose

Yoga is a state of knowing peace through connection to self, others and all that is. The practice of yoga fosters individual self-care and growth as a means to nurture community and assist global transformation. When we are inspired, we heal. Our whole and vital selves become agents of positive social change within the community.

Good Yoga was created to provide a sacred and safe space to promote the goodness in life – a life in balance:

  • Healthy Body
  • Peaceful Mind
  • Joyful Heart
  • Nurturing Community

Good Yoga Studio

The Good Yoga Sanctuary

The Good Yoga Sanctuary is a beautiful and safe place to discover the joys of living well through the profound benefits of regular yoga practice. Good Yoga works with students unlike mainstream USA ‘yoga bunnies’. Most students are quite aware that they are aging, have many human frailties/suffering and they need a deeply and truly enriching yoga teacher, practice and community that offers comfort, safety, inspiration and therapeutic movement.

Good Yoga classes are specially designed to support a healthy lifestyle by assisting students in managing the stresses and challenges of daily life in order to live a happy, healthy and whole existence. Come and be nurtured and empowered, feel at home in yourself, let go, have fun, and deepen your connection with community, and the Essence of Goodness!

“I love your class!”

“The asanas are great and I love the healthful information about self-care including
the invitation to smile to the heart.”

“It’s wonderful to surround myself with the gentle and good people who come to our class.”

Gentle Flow Student